• Electronic passports are specified in the ICAO Doc 9303 by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The ICAO Doc 9303 is the de-facto standard for machine-readable travel documents (MRTD). It specifies e-passports, visas and ID cards, for example requirements for the visual inspection zone, the machine-readable zone, optical security features, electrical security features (chip) as well as security mechanisms and protocols for the integrated chip.

  • Smart solution consulting for e-passport issuance system in Sudan

    "The HJP experts providing both technical and legal expertise helped us tremendously managing the introduction of e-passports in the Republic of Sudan. Their focus was on the accurate planning and final testing of the solution supplied by the international renown suppliers. …" — Eng. Magdi M. Sharif

  • HJP will launch GlobalTester 3.1 at the SDW exhibition in London (May 11-12, 2016). Click here to see our product demo of the new GlobalTester 3.1, HJP's renowned open source-based conformance test tool to test chip applications. GlobalTester will be one of the conformity test tools used during the SAC Interoperability Test for e-passports and inspection systems, which takes place in parallel to SDW. 

  • Smart solution consulting for e-passport in the UK

    Electronic passports have a validity of up to 10 years after issuance and they remain in the field for the period of their validity. We supported our customer - who issued 7 million e-passports per annum – in crucial contract negotiations with vendors of chips and prelaminates.

  • Markus Hartmann, CEO of HJP, held a presentation at the SmartHome Germany conference organized by the SmartHome Initiative Germany in Stuttgart. Under the topic: "The acceptance of AAL* needs secure solutions", he appealed to not neglect the issue of data protection and IT security during the development of smart home solutions. Read complete News in English here >>.

  • Smart Solution Consulting for e-passport system in Oman

    In the GCC region, HJP has been working on several large scale IT projects, such as the introduction of the e-passport system in the UAE, the implementation of the e-passport system and national public key directory in the Sultanate of Oman as well as on eGovernment projects in Saudi Arabia. Read the Oman e-passport case study here.

  • Effective e-Passport validation to prevent terrorists crossing borders

    DUSHANBE - HJP delivered consultancy services to the OSCE-supported seminar focusing on the use of a technologically advanced passport verification system, the International Civil Aviation Organization’ Public Key Directory (ICAO PKD).

  • PersoSim – the open source eID simulator

    The open source eID simulator PersoSim is a very flexible tool with the potential to further push the development of relatively few available online applications for the electronic identity cards to date. All protocols and security mechanisms for the eID card based on BSI TR-03110 are implemented in the simulator and allow complete simulation of the eID function.

  • The KogniHome project partners HJP Consulting and the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Paderborn highlight security issues of connected homes as well as propose solutions. The article (in German) titled "The connected home - comfortable, compliant and secure" was published as cover story in the 19th edition of the  ForschungsFor

  • The 3rd SAC/PACE Interoperability Test for e-passports concluded on May 11, 2016 at SDW in London. HJP's conformity test tool GlobalTester was one of two test tools used to perform all tests for e-passorts. According to preliminary InteropTest results presented by Michael Schlüter of Secunet during the SDW, a total of 8502 test cases were performed during conformity testing by the test laboratories.

  • eID Consulting and Testing for national ID card system in Nigeria

    In August 2014, Nigeria launched the new electronic National ID card. 140 Million Nigerian citizens will receive the new multi-application card. HJP Consulting delivered consultancy services, test services and project management for new electronic national ID card.

  • See the latest article by Markus Hartmann, CEO of HJP, and Barr. Chris 'E. Onyemenam, CEO at the Nigerian National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) about the Nigerian electronic ID card. To prove ones identity is a precondition for participating in the services, today’s digital world offers. Many Nigerians cannot prove their identity, which results in massive identity fraud.

  • HJP's conformity test tool GlobalTester is once more testing the conformance of e-passports during an international Interoperability Test event. This year's InterOp Test takes place during the Security Document World conference and exhibition on May 10, 2016. The new security standard SAC/PACEv2 (or PACE ) has been mandatory in European electronic passports since January 2015.

  • Smart Solution Consulting for the national PKD (NPKD) system in the UAE

    e-passports are embedded with a chip that prevents the undetected manipulation of the personal data. Using the Public Key Directory (PKD) of the ICAO, border control authorities can verify the authenticity of the passport data. HJP specified the NPKD solution including border control integration, system integration and testing.

  • HJP Consulting now offers conformity testing for the development of eID clients. An eID client is a software or app that manages the communication between an eID server and an ID token, for example when using an eID card for online transactions. The new conformity test tool GT Prove eID Client is based on HJP’s flagship product GlobalTesterTM. The open source-based conformance test tool GlobalTester has been used worldwide for nearly a decade. The GlobalTester Prove product family includes testing solutions for e-passports, eID cards as well as respective readers and now eID clients.

  • See the latest article from Markus Hartmann, CEO of HJP Consulting and Chairman of the Procurement Sub-Group within the ICAO Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG) featured in the current ICAO MRTD Report. The article explains how the ICAO Procurement Guide helps Member States in the planning of procurement projects for machine-readable travel documents (MRTD), e.g. the procurement of a new e-passport issuance system.

  • Model Based Testing for the BSI in Germany

    HJP introduced Model-Based Testing (MBT) to the customer creating a more efficient test process and automated test procedures for smart card testing and protocol testing. MBT allows the automated and systematic generation of test specifications and test cases. Model-enabled communication, documentation and automation improves the quality and the documentation of the test process.

  • HJP's test automation framework GlobalTesterTM is the first conformity test tool for smart cards, such as ID cards and e-passports, to integrate Chip Authentication Mapping (CAM). CAM is one of the three currently used mapping methods for the execution of the PACE security protocol.

  • eID consulting for e-passport issuance system in the UAE

    The e-passport is a token that forms part of an open-ended and heterogeneous IT system. Many independent industrial companies and government organizations contribute to this IT system. To tackle the challenges of implementing complex e-passport systems, HJP recommends the following six steps: Initiating - Planning - Procurring - Implementing - Approving - Operating.

  • Effective e-Passport validation to prevent cross-border movements of terrorists

    ASHGABAT - HJP Consulting experts provided consultancy services on tools and templates for joining the Public Key Directory (PKD) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The workshop was conducted by the OSCE from November 26 – 27, 2015 in Ashgabat. The two-day session focused primarily on enhancing local capacities in preventing terrorists crossing borders undetected using false identities.

  • The European Union (EU) has finalized the "Regulation on electronic identities and trust services” (eIDAS) in July 2014. The BSI has commissioned the project POSeIDAS which includes the provision of an eID server and a simulation environment to simulate the functions of an eIDAS token as well as the implementation of selected eIDAS functions on a smart card. HJP Consulting was awarded two of the three sub-projects of POSeIDAS by BSI.

  • Standardization and Conformity testing for the BSI in Germany

    The interoperability of smart documents and terminals is crucial for verifying the 500 million e-passports in circulation today at foreign borders. HJP's conformity test tool GlobalTester has helped industry and government clients worldwide to test conformity and assure interoperability of their products.


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Smart Solution Consulting

We are proud to be worldwide renowned as a consultancy firm for the planning, procurement, managing the implementation and quality assurance of smart card–based electronic identity systems according to international standards. Our experts know about the three key technologies in e-identity projects: smart card technology, public key infrastructures (PKI) and biometrics.

Using sophisticated model-centric methodologies and tools for requirements engineering and testing, we help our clients to analyze, specify and visualize complex system architectures more efficiently. We focus on never losing sight of the actual requirements and always assuring conformance and hence the interoperability of respective solutions and incorporated technologies. Since 2003, our experts at HJP Consulting have played a key role in the planning, procurement, project management and final acceptance of several large-scale electronic ID implementations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The projects covered e-passports, national ID cards, and e-health cards as well as e-government and border control solutions.

Aside from smart card–based ID systems, HJP Consulting has more recently explored the area of smart home solutions, smart card–based energy management systems (e.g., smart meters) as well as industry 4.0 applications.



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Test Tools and Test Services

HJP Consulting has been a pioneer in the area of acceptance and conformance testing in the e-identity market. We offer state-of-the-art conformance testing solutions and services to test the chip application of smart cards and readers. HJP’s flagship product, GlobaltesterTM, is the only open source–based conformance test platform in the e-identity market. The GlobalTester conformity test tool is widely used by government and industry clients for smart card protocol testing of electronic ID cards, e-passports and readers.

Because of our long-term involvement in conformity testing and our respective investment in R&D, our test expertise today covers the latest test automation frameworks and tools, which are incorporated into our GlobalTester family. We continuously improve our testing portfolio, which covers a conformity test platform, a simulator platform and a model-based testing platform, based on market requirements, such as test automation, through innovative methodologies and tools. Model-Based Testing (MBT) is one of our latest solutions in this field. MBT allows for a more efficient test process and automated test procedures by replacing paper-based textual documents with machine-readable input, resulting in more accurate, more consistent and more reproducible test specifications.


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