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More than a decade ago, we helped pioneer the e-identity industry. Now we’re taking it to a whole new place by empowering both our government and industry clients with a set of powerful tools and knowledge that enables them to navigate the complexities of the constantly evolving world of e-identity solutions.


We are proud to be internationally renowned as a consultancy firm for the planning, procurement and approval of smart card–based ID systems. Using sophisticated model-centric methodologies and tools for requirements engineering and testing, we help our clients to analyze, specify and visualize complex system architectures more efficiently, while never losing sight of the actual requirements and always assuring conformance and hence the interoperability of respective solutions.

Since 2003, our experts at HJP Consulting have played a key role in the planning, procurement, project management and final acceptance of several large-scale electronic ID implementations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The projects covered e-passports, national ID cards, and e-health cards as well as e-government and border control solutions. 

Aside from smart card–based ID systems, HJP Consulting has more recently explored the area of smart card–based energy management systems, e.g., for smart homes.


HJP Consulting has been a pioneer in the fields of acceptance and conformance testing in the e-identity market. We offer state-of-the-art conformance testing solutions and services to test the chip application of smart cards and readers. HJP’s flagship product, GlobalTesterTM, is the only open source–based conformance test platform in the e-identity market. The GlobalTester conformity test tool is widely used by government and industry clients for smart card protocol testing of electronic ID cards, e-passports and readers. 

Because of our long-term involvement in conformity testing and our respective investment in R&D, our test expertise today covers the latest test automation frameworks and tools, which are incorporated into our GlobalTester family. We continuously improve our testing portfolio based on market requirements, such as test automation, through innovative methodologies and tools. Model-Based Testing (MBT) is one of our latest solutions in this field. MBT allows for a more efficient test process and automated test procedures by replacing paper-based textual documents with machine-readable input, resulting in more accurate, more consistent and more reproducible test specifications.