HJP joins Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP)

Nov 14, 2013

The University of Paderborn started a research campus partnering with 10 companies and the Fraunhofer project group Design Methods and Mechatronics at the “Zukunftsmeile” location.

The collaboration of industry and science is a key success factor when transferring scientific research results into marketable innovations. To further enhance this collaboration, the University of Paderborn together with 10 technology companies from the region, including HJP Consulting, as well as the Fraunhofer project group Design Methods and Mechatronics started the Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP) at the “Zukunftsmeile Fürstenallee” location.

Holger Funke, Technical Director at HJP Consulting GmbH describes the motivation to be a founding member of the SICP as follows:

“HJP Consulting praises the creation of the software innovation campus Paderborn. This platform also allows a small but highly specialized company such as HJP Consulting to participate in research projects together with partners. We see the campus as a space for continuous exchange and joint work on seminal issues in the areas of security and test automation both between science and industry and between companies themselves. HJP Consulting develops innovative software and methods in the field of electronic identities. Our extensive expertise, which we have gathered from many international projects with passports and identity cards, we will also bring to the campus. The SICP itself due to its structure promotes a close collaboration. Channeling the skills across partners helps smaller companies to attract qualified staff for the location Paderborn. Therefore, we are certain that the SICP strengthens both our competitiveness and our innovation capability. For these reasons, we look forward to working together with all partners involved.”

Based on the outstanding significance of software in an increasingly networked society, SICP researches both innovative software development as well as innovations generated by software. This applies to the social media of the Internet as well as the increasingly coupled systems and processes in companies. "We are exploring the development of highly networked, software-intensive systems," reads the mission statement of the SICP. 

Find out more about SICP and participating partners by reading the press release from the press conference for the Software Innovation Campus Paderborn from November 14, 2013.

>> Download the complete press release (in German) here 

Press photo Software Innovation Campus Paderborn

Source: University of Paderborn, Photographer: Vanessa Dreibrodt

From left to right: Hanno Dietrich, Technology Controller,Morpho Cards GmbH, Holger Funke, Technischer Direktor, HJP Consulting GmbH, Dr. Alexander Knobloch, Leiter Forschung & Innovation, Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH, Dr. Dirk Fischer, Leiter Forschung, Orga Systems GmbH, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Risch, Präsident, Universität Paderborn, Jens-Peter Seick, Senior Vice President Product Development Group, Fujitsu, Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels, Vorstand C-LAB und Vorstandsvorsitzender s-lab, Universität Paderborn; Sprecher SICP, Christoph Plass, Mitglied des Vorstands, UNITY AG; Beiratsvorsitzender s-lab – Software Quality Lab, Jörg Wehling, Leiter Atos C-LAB, Atos Deutschland, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer, Wissenschaftlicher Leiter Softwaretechnik, Fraunhofer IPT Projektgruppe Entwurfstechnik Mechatronik, Josef Tillmann, Vorstand und Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung, S&N AG, Damian Nowak, Projektmanagement, Resolto Informatik GmbH, Dr. Rainer Otterbach, Leiter Produktmanagement,dSPACE GmbH

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