HJP Consulting provides Test Services and Consulting for large eID card project in Nigeria

Nov 18, 2013

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) of Nigeria has engaged HJP Consulting to deliver Test Services and Consulting for the electronic identity card (eID card) project. Based on a Presidential Initiative NIMC has the responsibilty to register all Nigerian citizens and resident legal aliens. Within this initiative, a new multi-application eID card with applications from private and public sectors will be implemented. 

HJP Consulting provides test services for the multi-application eID card, covering card and application tests. The services include the development of customized test specifications, the evaluation and implementation of test specifications as well as performing conformity and acceptance tests and generating test reports. HJP's Technical Director Holger Funke says: "We are proud that our wide range of test expertise is required in this important eID project". Additionally, HJP delivers consultancy services for the development of specification documents, which will include documents such as system architecture and IT security concept as well as a business case for eServices.

HJP Consulting has many years of experience in the planning, procurement, testing and approval of large-scale smart card-based IT systems for eID or e-health applications. HJP’s own open-source test tool platform GlobalTesterTM will be used for the application testing. GlobalTesterTM is a sophisticated platform to test the chip application layer of smart cards and has been used by government and industry customers worldwide. 

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About HJP Consulting

HJP Consulting is an internationally active firm of IT consultants specialising in the planning, procurement and approval of smart card solutions with a focus on the identity sector and the health sector. Governments around the world use the consulting services of HJP to introduce new IT systems for issuing electronic passports, e-ID cards or implementing e-government and border control projects.

The experts at HJP Consulting have played a key role in the planning of electronic passport projects in Germany, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Oman and other states.

Another important business area is testing. HJP Consulting develops and distributes GlobalTester (GT), a comprehensive platform to test the conformity of e-passports, eID and respective inspection systems. Together with partners, HJP offers test- and certification services for eID documents and inspection systems.

The latest developments at HJP cover the areas of test plan optimization as well as methodologies and tools for requirements engineering supporting the development of large and distributed IT systems. 

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