HJP Consulting unterstützt Förderprojekt für intelligentes Wohnen

Jul 8, 2014

Federal Research Ministry supports the project of the University of Bielefeld  and 13 regional partners in East Westphalia-Lippe

A networked home that promotes the health, quality of life and security of families, singles and seniors, Hereby 14 project partners from East Westphalia-Lippe will work together over the next three years, in the new regional innovation clusters "KogniHome". The Federal Ministry of Education and Research ( BMBF ) is funding the project with eight million euros until 2017. is headed KogniHome of CITEC , the Cluster of Excellence at the University of Bielefeld. The project was announced today publicly announced at a press conference. HJP Consulting will assume the specification of the required interoperability testing and the development of a corresponding test platform for this project . 

Is Assuming that intelligent networked home (also SmartHome called) be a mass market in a few years, then it means that the equipment and the control of many different manufacturers may have to comply with more standards to be developed in order to be interoperable. To ensure this interaction, corresponding interoperability tests are needed. Only this will ensure that all devices from different manufacturers to communicate correctly with each other. It is particularly important to ensure that all devices meet the same safety standards regarding authenticity and confidentiality. "Especially the security of communications and data economy in the information to be transmitted are important factors for acceptance in the field of home networking" says Holger Funke (authorized signatory of HJP Consulting).   The HJP Consulting GmbH is designing appropriate communication standards or adapt and specify appropriate interoperability test systems and develop. 

Other partners include the household appliance manufacturer Miele, the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel and the company Hella of Lippstadt. Including its own resources, which come from the project partners, the TOTAL volume is 11.3 million euros.

The project partners from industry, research, service, and social and health services deal with the question of how to implement "trusted" technical systems "thinking" and that people can assist in everyday life. In developing the technological basis are also ethical, social and legal aspects of the focus for the researchers. "We want to enrich the living everyday with new useful assistance, improve the health and safety of its users which," says Professor Dr. Helge Ritter from the Cluster of Excellence CITEC. He is the spokesman of the new innovation cluster KogniHome.

>> Read the complete press release of the University of Bielefeld

>> Download HJP press release (German) can be found here

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