HARTMANN TRESORE AG takes majority interest in HJP Consulting GmbH

Jan 1, 2013

HARTMANN TRESORE AG of Paderborn took a 51 percent interest in HJP Consulting GmbH, located in Borchen. Both companies are internationally successful in the security market. HARTMANN TRESORE AG is one of Europe’s market leaders for safes and security solutions. HJP Consulting is a world-renowned consulting company for the planning and testing of high security IT systems in the area of secure identification based on smart card systems. Having a majority interest in HJP Consulting will allow HARTMANN TRESORE AG to expand its offerings to IT-based security systems and to enter the emerging “SmartHome” or building automation market.

"SmartHome" or "intelligent house" refers to a building in which many aspects of daily living, such as lighting, heating, security (the alarm system, for example), and multimedia, are connected by a computer network and can be controlled automatically. The optimal configuration is based on the residents’ needs and not only increases the comfort of living but also provides cost savings.
The market for SmartHome applications is growing rapidly in Germany. Security and energy management systems, as well as ambient assisted living (AAL), are the most important applications.

“For the near future, this investment allows us to offer our customers a whole new dimension of security technology,” says Christoph Hartmann, chairman of the board at HARTMANN TRESORE AG. “With SmartHome solutions, home owners can achieve more security through alarm systems and better living comfort, as well as greater efficiency.”

Markus Hartmann, managing director at HJP Consulting, comments: “With HARTMANN TRESORE AG, we gain a strong partner, allowing us to use the opportunities of the growing SmartHome market in addition to our previous consultancy business.” HJP Consulting will continue to serve the business areas of IT consultancy and conformity testing.
Markus Hartmann remains to be the sole managing director and shareholder of 49 percent of the shares of HJP Consulting GmbH.

The merger of the two companies brings the brothers Christoph and Markus Hartmann closer together again personally and professionally, and they look forward to being successful in their joint entrepreneurial endeavors.

About HJP Consulting
HJP Consulting, located in Borchen near Paderborn, is an internationally active firm of IT consultants specializing in the planning and testing of high security IT solutions, such as chip-based ID systems for national ID card and passport applications and for the health sector. The vendor-independent experts at HJP Consulting have supported major projects for the implementation of electronic passports on the technical and strategic level for nearly a decade. References include government authorities in Germany, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and Oman, as well as international organizations such as the European Commission and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).
Another important business area is testing. HJP Consulting develops and distributes GlobalTester™, the first open source platform to test the conformity of smart card–based ID systems (e.g., e-passports, eID cards such as Germany’s new national ID card, and inspection systems). Many government and industry customers worldwide use GlobalTester™. GlobalTester™ provides the necessary tests to determine whether ID cards, passports, and inspection systems conform to different international technical standards, which, for example, is important for assuring that all e-passports can be checked at every international border. Together with its partners, HJP offers testing and certification services for eID documents and inspection systems.
In the future, HJP Consulting will extend its conformity test products and services to new applications, such as Smart Grid and SmartHome.
All customers who prioritize security over automation in their homes will especially benefit from HJP Consulting’s experience in the planning, testing, and approval of high security IT systems.
The company has ten employees and reported 1.25 million euros in sales in the fiscal year 2011.

HARTMANN TRESORE AG is one of Europe’s market leaders for safes and security solutions. The company has several branch offices in Germany as well as subsidiaries in Europe and the Middle East. The company’s product portfolio includes safes of all sizes and security grades, such as burglar- and fireproof safes, filing cabinets, data media safes, and gun safes. The products are tested and certified according to European standards.
The company also offers industry-specific security solutions such as room safes, deposit safes, and back-office safes for hotels; key cabinets for car rental companies; narcotics safes and patient safes for hospitals and nursing homes; and deposit safes for restaurants, retail stores, and other commercial establishments. HARTMANN TRESORE develops customized security solutions on demand for its clients.
The firm was founded more than two hundred years ago as a blacksmithing and cartwrighting company. With the specialization into safes, in 1983 the company became HARTMANN TRESORE and to this day remains a family-owned business.
The workflows and processes of the company are in accordance with the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001.
The HARTMANN TRESORE Group has 120 employees and reported 27 million euros in sales in the fiscal year 2012.

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