Title Date Event Location Presenter
Neue Sicherheitsstandards für hoheitliche Dokumente 2009-03-26 Tag der IT-Sicherheit University of Paderborn, Germany Holger Funke und Olga Käthler
The business case for EAC 2009-02-16 Citizen ID Forum 2009 Abu Dhabi, UAE Pieter Hoogendoorn
The Sudan e-Passport Project 2008-11-20 ID World 2008 Milan, Italy Markus Hartmann
Before you pay in advance, make sure you get what you ordered for your e-passport system 2008-05-26 Cardex 2008 Cairo, Egypt Markus Hartmann
ePassports are comprehensively tested, but how do you make sure that the whole ePassport system works? 2008-04-22 SDW 2008 London, United Kingdom Holger Funke (HJP), Baris Güldali (s-lab)
ICAO specified the e-Passport, but how to design your solution? 2007-06-22 e-Passport Forum 2007 Istanbul, Turkey Markus Hartmann
9303 is not enough to procure an ICAO compliant ePassport SDW 2007 London, United Kingdom Markus Hartmann


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