Tendering eID projects: Points to watch from an ICAO expert's perspective

The presentation was held by Markus Hartmann, CEO of HJP Consulting during a showcase of German security technologies organized by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany for delegates from African countries. HJP had the honor to present as the only consultancy company. The event took place September 17-18, 2013 in Pretoria. HJP was selected based on the company’s work with the German BSI for the development of the new German eID card and e-passport. Furthermore, Markus Hartmann, CEO of HJP Consulting is a member of the ICAO ICBWG. HJP Consulting has accompanied the planning, procurement and approval of many eID projects worldwide. Based on this in-depth experience, Markus Hartmann addressed the key issues in the procurement process for eID systems in his speech.

>> The presentation titled Tendering eID projects: Points to watch from an ICAO expert’s perspective can be read here

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