Smart Home – Smart aber auch sicher?

On 26.03.2015 was held at the University of Paderborn the 10th Day of IT security instead. HJP's Holger Funke led to this event together with Professer John Blömer of the University of Paderborn a workshop on Smart Home by. The workshop dealt with the question of how "thinking" and can be realized "trusted" technical systems, people can assist in everyday life. These systems raise questions about the safety of course the art and thus - ultimately - of privacy on.

During the workshop, which was project KogniHome  (a research project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on Intelligent Living, which of CITEC presented in detail is run, the Cluster of Excellence at the University of Bielefeld). Emphasis was placed on the security aspects of a smart home. With an attack on an often used in the context of smart home communication protocol the need for security and authentication was also shown in their own homes. In addition, approaches and measures were presented, allow easy prevent such or similar attacks. The workshop discussed the problems and solutions can also be readily applied to the issue of industrial transfer 4.0, which is also made ​​from the increasing networking, the need for secure and trustworthy communication protocols.

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