Planning for comprehensive eMRTD upgrade projects

To upgrade the eMRTD system with the ICAO Public Key Directory it is not sufficient to only purchase the National-PKD (N-PKD) software. There are several areas to be considered when planning the participation in the ICAO PKD and operating the N-PKD. These areas are national laws and regulations, registration process with ICAO, planning of the national PKD infrastructure, integration of the national PKD with the ICAO PKD and project management. The presentation provides detailed information about all related steps and how to pursue them. Further find out how you can seek assistance from the OSCE in collaboration with ICAO for the planning and operating of these eMRTD upgrade projects.

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HJP has provided various publications about the ICAO Public Key Directory, which gained widespread recognition in the eMRTD community. This latest presentation was held by Markus Hartmann at the OSCE workshop on promoting the ICAO PKD in Vienna, May 2010.

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