Model-centric planning of ePassport projects - A new approach!

The presentation gives an overview about a new approach for the planning of large distributed eID IT systems. Together with s-lab - Software Quality Lab of the University of Paderborn, HJP is developing MMASQ (Model-centric Methodology for Analysis, Specification and Qualification) for Requirements Engineering of complex eID IT system architectures. The process of collecting, structuring, and maintaining requirements is called Requirements Engineering. The number of single requirements collected for an e-passport or an e-health system, including technical, legal and economical aspects, can easily accumulate several thousand pages. The result is a complex matrix of requirements, dependencies, constraints and assumptions. HJP has been working on revolutionary tools and methodologies to provide a high quality requirements specification process delivering consistant, traceable and testable results. The comprehensive model provides project teams and stakeholders with a virtual preview of the final solution and allows future decision making to be purely based on respective requirements.

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The presentation was held by Markus Hartmann during Security Document World  (SDW) in London on April 4, 2011.

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