KogniHome: The Acceptance of AAL needs secure solutions

The experts at HJP Consulting are currently in the process of transferring their experience from the development of secure protocols for eID solutions to the Internet of Things: for example into Smart Homes, or into new systems for Industry 4.0. In this presentation held at the SmartHome conference on September 15, 2015 the author pleads to not neglect the issue of data protection and IT security during the development of smart home solutions.

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Especially in the field of ambient assisted living (AAL) – focusing on the living environment for the elderly – the users should rest assured that the systems are handling their data responsibly and safely. In addition to compliance with data protection regulations ethical standards must be recognized in order to define the relevant needs of elderly people towards intelligent assistance systems. Markus Hartmann focused in his presentation on the approaches and current results of the research project KogniHome, in which HJP Consulting has been involved. In this research project – funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research – the Universities of Bielefeld and Paderborn, industry partners as well as partners from social and health services are addressing the question on how to develop "intelligent" and "trustworthy" technical systems that support people in everyday life. The subproject ELSI is focusing on questions regarding the safety of the technology and thus the protection of privacy based on technical feasibility and ethical accountability.

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