ICBWG Guidance on Procurement of MRTD-related systems

Markus Hartmann in his role as member of the ICAO ICBWG* and chairman of the subgroup "Procurement" presented the newly established "ICBWG Guidance on Procurement of MRTD-related Systems" at two recent ICAO events, the twenty second meeting of the ICAO Technical Advisory Group (TAG/22) in Montreal (May 22, 2014) and the ICAO Regional Seminar on MRTDs and Traveller Identification Management in Madrid (June 25-27, 2014).

The presentation gives an overview of the "ICBWG Guidance on Procurement of MRTD-related Systems", which serves as a self-assessment tool for States planning procurement and as a reference paper for donors supporting States in need. The guide focusses on the specifics of procuring MRTD related systems with references to generic procurement guidance materials or national law. The presentation explains the 5 steps of the procurement process, which are defining needs, preparing tender process, evaluating bids, award contract and operating change management. The roles, work packages and outcome of each step are focused on specifics for MRTD-related systems. 

The guide has been developed by a multi-national team of government and ISO representatives from Australia, Botswana, Canada, The Netherlands, UK and USA.

*ICBWG = Interoperability and Capacity Building Working Group

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