Guidance on Implementing the Traveller Identification Programme (ICAO TRIP Strategy)

Markus Hartmann in his role as member of the ICAO ICBWG* and chairman of the subgroup "Procurement" held a presentation titled "Guidance on Implementing Traveller Identification Programme (ICAO TRIP Strategy)" at Euro ID / ID World in Frankfurt (November 18, 2014). Some of the target outcomes for the ICAO TRIP implementaion from 2014 until 2016 are:

  • Documents can be easily used and validated
  • Travellers are effectively linked to a secure document that presents a credible and authentic identity; and
  • Investments in MRTD-related technologies balance security with facilitation and drive value

Markus Hartmann gave an overview of two current working papers which among many others are used as guide by ICAO Member States to achieve the desired outcomes. The "ICBWG Guidance on Procurement of MRTD-related Systems" for example serves as a self-assessment tool for Member States planning procurement of machine-readable travel documents (MRTD). It further can be used as a reference paper for donors supporting States in need for MRTD systems. The guide focusses on the specifics of procuring MRTD-related systems with references to generic procurement guidance materials or national law. The presentation explains the 5 steps of the procurement process, which are defining needs, preparing tender process, evaluating bids, award contract and operating change management. The roles, work packages and outcome of each step are focused on specifics for MRTD-related systems. 

Markus Hartmann further introduced a working paper draft for an ICAO Doc 9303 compliance scheme. The ICAO Doc 9303 is the internationally recognized ICAO specification for machine-readable travel documents (for example biometric passports, ID cards and visa documents). It provides specifications of all aspects of machine-readable travel documents (electronic or non-electronic documents), including optical security features, chip technology, biometrics as well as security mechanisms and PKI infrastructure. While the ICAO specification is the international standard for MRTD, there is no compliance scheme, which Member States can adapt in order to confirm, that they are indeed compliant to all aspects of the ICAO Doc 9303. Markus Hartmann gives an overview of the initial draft for such  compliance scheme, which is the starting point for the working group to begin the development of an ICAO 9303 compliance scheme in the future.

These ICAO working papers and guidelines have been developed by a multi-national team of government and ISO representatives.

*ICBWG = Interoperability and Capacity Building Working Group

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