Certified e-Passport Testing in Demand

Case Study Sudan

The presentation was held by Markus Hartmann, Managing Director of HJP Consulting in collaboration with Miss Kwthar Hassan Ali of Kushite Integrated Co. Ltd. about the testing and certification of the Sudanese e-passport at the Security Document World conference in London on June 9, 2015. The Sudanese e-passport system had been implemented in November 2008 and has been running successfully ever since. In order to demonstrate the high quality of the e-passport booklet to stakeholders in Sudan and to the international community, the e-passport booklet has now been tested in all domains – conformity, security and durability. 

The presentation gives an overview about the overall e-passport infrastructure evolving from handwritten passports to electronic passports. It provides details on the security features of the e-passport booklet and describes the process, stakeholders and standards involved in the comprehensive e-passport testing in order to achieve an e-passport audit according to ICAO and BSI standards and the internationally recognized BSI conformity certificate.

HJP Consulting provided Consulting and Project Management Services for the planning, procurement, testing and implementation of the Sudanese e-passport project. 

>> See the complete presentation (in English) here

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