Title Date Event Location Presenter
Best Practices for the Acquisition of Machine Readable Travel Document Goods and Services 2016-05-11 ICAO TRIP Seminar on machine readable travel documents (MRTDs) and traveller identification management. Kish Island, Islamic Republic of Iran Markus Hartmann
KogniHome: The Acceptance of AAL needs secure solutions 2015-09-16 SmartHome conference Stuttgart, Germany Markus Hartmann
Certified e-Passport Testing in Demand 2015-06-12 Security Document World conference London Markus Hartmann
Smart Home – Smart aber auch sicher? 2015-03-26 University of Paderborn Holger Funke
Guidance on Implementing the Traveller Identification Programme (ICAO TRIP Strategy) 2014-11-18 EURO ID / ID WORLD Frankfurt, Germany Markus Hartmann, CEO HJP Consulting and ICAO ICBWG member, chair of sub-group "Procurement"
ICBWG Guidance on Procurement of MRTD-related systems 2014-05-22 TAG-MRTD/22 Montreal, Canada Markus Hartmann
Tendering eID projects: Points to watch from an ICAO expert's perspective 2013-09-17 Showcase for German security technologies by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany Pretoria, South Africa Markus Hartmann
Markus Hartmann, ISO Expert, is participating at the ICAO ICBWG meeting in Tanzania 2013-05-13 Dar es Salaam Markus Hartmann
Looking at the big picture of e-identity 2012-05-22 SDW 2012 London, United Kingdom Markus Hartmann
What's the global state of information security 2012-03-14 Digital ID World Africa 2012 Markus Hartmann
Der elektronische Personalausweis (the German eID card, in German) 2012-01-11 University of Paderborn, Germany Holger Funke
Testing of MRTD products - State of Play 2011-11-02 ICAO Regional Seminar on MRTDs, Biometrics and Border Control Doha, Qatar. Markus Hartmann
Model-centric planning of ePassport projects - A new approach! 2011-04-04 SDW 2011 London, United Kingdom Markus Hartmann
ICAO Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG) - Was, Wer, Wofür? 2011-01-19 Omnicard 2011 Berlin, Germany Markus Hartmann
Implementing eMRTD Projects - Points To Watch 2010-11-02 MRTD Symposium 2010 Montreal, Canada Markus Hartmann
Planning for comprehensive eMRTD upgrade projects 2010-05-28 OSCE Conference 2010 Vienna, Austria Markus Hartmann
Risk assessment on security issues of cross-border electronic authentication 2010-02-10 SDW 2010 London, United Kingdom Markus Hartmann
Frust und Einblicke in weltweite eID Projekte 2010-01-21 Omnicard 2010 Berlin, Germany Markus Hartmann
How does PKI/PKD provide secure border control processes? 2009-03-31 OSCE Conference 2009 Minsk by Olga Käthler and Markus Hartmann
What can multi app e-passports do to improve border control processing? 2009-03-27 SDW 2009 London, United Kingdom Markus Hartmann


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