Technology will constantly evolve. Will you?

Ultimately, identity management lies in the hands of the authorities. With the integration of chip technologies, project teams for both authorities and the respective suppliers must continuously seek to advance their knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices.

HJP offers the following training courses

Technology Trainings
  • e-passport basics
  • Standardization (ICAO, BSI)
  • PKI, Cryptography (SAC, EAC, BAC, ECC)
  • Chip and smart card technology
E-Identity Project Management Trainings
  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Approval
ICAO PKD and N-PKD trainings
  • Procedures and project management for introducing e-passport issuance systems and border control system
  • Benefits and functions of the ICAO PKD and administrative requirements and procedures to join the ICAO PKD

HJP Consulting offers professional training courses for in-house training. To ensure maximum benefits for the attendant, HJP’s trainings are developed based on performance oriented training methodologies using for example criterion referenced instruction and instructional module development by Robert Mager.

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