Market + Tech Research

The eID world is constantly moving. So are we.

Our database of the eID market includes details on eID, e-passport, and automated border control projects worldwide, covering data on involved stakeholders, technology components such as biometrics, cryptography and inspection systems, process descriptions, such as specifics for enrollment and personalization as well as transaction times such as verified statistics. If it involves eID systems, we know about it.

We conduct Market Studies on behalf of our clients, covering primary + secondary research with focus on the eID market and the following applications.

  • e-passport, e-visa
  • eID cards (eHealth, national ID, eDL)
  • Automated border control (e-gates)

We perform technology evaluations and risk assessments for eID systems.

  • Enrollment systems
  • e-passport booklet
  • Passport holder management system
  • Passport management system
  • Personalization system
  • Delivery system
  • Key management, Certificate authority

We conduct technology evaluations (chip, cryptography, PKI).

We support clients during the technical evaluation of potential vendors or potential solutions available in the market.

We help clients to get a budgetary indication prior to or during an eID project by comparing suitable solutions in the eID market.

We develop white papers about latest developments and technologies in the eID industry.

We help industry clients improve their RFP responses by reviewing their approach from a customer perspective.

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