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Planning: Go from point A to point B. And know that point B is exactly where you need to be.

ID systems are inherently complex. Our ability to properly decipher information is essential, whether during the evaluation of market developments and standardization, identifying needs, defining implications for the future systems and processes, or creating sound requirement specifications and project management documentation – we put your plan on solid ground.
Procurement: To invite for tender is an everyday job that you can't put on auto pilot.

Avoiding dead-end, supplier driven solutions requires vendor-independent guidance based on your needs. The procurement process can be a source of frustration for both buyers and sellers. Only accurate invitation to tender documents combined with sufficient procurement guidelines and a procurement contract enable the selection of the best supplier. Our structured RFP evaluation process streamlines the process and enables key decision-makers to evaluate based on their specific criteria.

Approval: Drawing a map is one thing. Navigating in real time is something completely different.

Testing is more than a formality – it’s a must. Products must be tested towards their conformity with standards in order to be qualified. The final eID solution must be tested thoroughly before being put into action. We should know. We helped define the ICAO and ISO e-passport test standards. Our scientific approach to testing ensures test results that are well proven.

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