Our Vision

While the technology behind eID solutions can be quite complex, the idea behind how our business came to be is really quite simple. Governments became increasingly frustrated with solutions that were based on proprietary technology that literally held them hostage to their vendors. In a nutshell, solutions were being built around the technology and not client needs.

There had to be a better way to get each client where they needed to go.
That’s where our story begins. We built our company around a series of methodologies designed to navigate each client through their particular set of needs. We saw unique opportunities to navigate each of our clients in the planning, procurement, and approval phases of their eID systems projects. This was a total departure from the industry norm, but by doing so, we empowered each client to be both vendor- and technology-neutral.

Today, our clients span the globe, and our systematic approach guides the choices they make. From government e-passport systems to e-healthcare cards, HJP is leading the way in eID Consulting.

Our driving force remains the same. We are committed to getting our clients where they need to go in the smartest, most efficient manner possible.

Markus Hartmann, CEO

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