Our range of consultancy services and test tools addresses both authorities in the public sector as well as technology manufacturers.

We target authorities in the public sector such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice and social security associations who issue e-passports, eID cards or eHealth cards or who are responsible for identity management in large-scale IT projects or border control authorities responsible for e-authentication and e-verification procedures during automated border control.


Issuing authorities

The management of its citizens’ identities has always been one of the fundamental responsibilities of the authorities. Identities need to be protected against identity theft and at the same time they need to be made available in volatile online networks to facilitate eGovernment, eHealth and eBusiness services for the rightful holders of these identities also across borders. HJP has guided numerous issuing authorities in the eID/e-passport and eHealth sector successfully through the planning, procurement and approval phases of their project.

Border Control and Law Enforcement authorities

In practice, security depends on the extent to which these electronic travel documents are inspected and authenticated. An increasing number of states have installed e-MRTD inspection systems at border crossing points, making optimal use of the security benefits offered by electronic RF chips. A complex public key infrastructure based on cryptographic algorithms has allowed border officials - for the first time ever - to validate the authenticity of the biographic data stored in the document chip.  HJP has been on the forefront of educating authorities on the implications for border control with the widespread introduction of e-passports. HJP conducted several market studies and developed white papers and reports on this topic.


We target manufacturers of components that are incorporated into eID solutions such as e-passport booklets, inlays, chips, chip software and readers as well as personalization machine suppliers. As we are actively involved in the international standardization work of ISO, and ICAO among others, we are able to support product development and product management for industry clients. Our general knowledge about end user requirements can help to leverage a successful market entry strategy. However due to our commitment to governmental clients, we do not offer any sales services for industry clients.

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